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  1. Homestead Chickens ~ Off Grid Wood Shop ~ Day On The Homestead
  2. My Daily Rant ~ Do Not Watch If You Dont Like Drama
  3. Trying Portable Washing Machine ~ Finished End Table ~ And More
  4. Family Over & Some Really Awesome Stuff Arrived In The Mail
  5. The Mysterious Case Of The Vanishing Comments
  6. A Video Explaining Why I Dont And Wont Have A Video
  7. MEGA Food Haul ~ Injured My Knee & Something New
  8. How To Make Crock Pot Hot Process Soap For Immediate Use
  9. How To Make Soap Using Fresh Herbs Instead Of Essential Oil
  10. How I Got My Off Grid Land With No Credit & No Banks
  11. Home Visit With Nurse About New Baby Michelle
  12. Homestead Garden Harvest Salsa & Ketchup Plus Super Package Arrived
  13. Testing Out New Audio & Making Ketchup From Homestead Garden
  14. MOVED: Troy's Steemit Account
  15. Updates To The Updates Nothing Will Change On YouTube
  16. Back To Work At The Off Grid Hometead
  17. Some Photos of Baby Michelle
  18. Michelle Has Officially Joined The Off Grid Project Family
  19. Updates Changes & The New Off Grid Project Moving Forward
  20. Beautiful Day Fishing ~ Baby NOT Here Yet ~ Working On Websites
  21. We are having a baby now
  22. Exercise Birthing Ball FAIL
  23. Homestead Garden Harvest ~ Scorching HOT ~ TShirt Sales Are Back
  24. Started Building Shelves But Spent Day In Hospital Instead
  25. Building An End Table With Storage Underneath Hinged Lid
  26. Cutting Fire Wood ~ New Wood Stove ~ Gifts Arrived & More
  27. Cutting Fire Wood & Making Bedini Motor Parts List
  28. Sam Demonstrating His Tentsile Tent In The Air While Visiting The Homestead
  29. Moving Into Our Tiny House ~ Chalet ~ For The Winter
  30. More Fire Wood ~ Garage Sale Setup ~ Prepping For A Freeze
  31. Some Changes Going On & Updates
  32. Off To A Good Start Then Disaster Strikes
  33. About The Wasp Sting That Put Me In The Hospital
  34. I am in emergency today
  35. ThruNite Neutron 2C 1100 Lumen USB Chargeable LED Light
  36. Building A Greenhouse To Extend Our Homestead Growing Season
  37. Finishing Greenhouse Framing & How We Use Solar Power
  38. Day At The Hospital & Mincemeat Pie
  39. Saving What We Can From Our Homestead Garden
  40. Simple Cheap Hoop House Alternative & Extend Growing Season
  41. All About The Garden Today
  42. Making Homemade Ice Cream Fast & Easy ~ Done In Minutes
  43. End Of Garage Sale ~ Another Freeze & More To Come
  44. Another Deep Freeze In Summer & Garage Sale Going On
  45. Weather Patterns Explained ~ Meat Birds Explained
  46. Hauling Logs For Fire Wood ~ Melanie Canning Garden Harvest
  47. Preparing For A Garage Sale To Make Room For Baby
  48. Harvesting Chickens ~ Digging Greenhouse ~ Mega Rainstorm
  49. Awesome Garden Updates Then Killing Frost In August
  50. Back To Normal At The Off Grid Homestead