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  2. Far North Bushcraft and Survival
  3. Dylan Magaster
  4. Trash Panda and Meerkat Cafes in Seoul
  5. carlisle195
  6. Trash Panda Man
  7. Very Cool Hoop House
  8. Primitive Technology
  9. My Self Reliance Channel-
  10. Off Grid Roundhouse Cobb built home in Wales
  11. Wranglerstar
  12. Homesteading Channel
  13. Catman Chris to the rescue
  14. MICHIGAN MEETUP - Michigan YouTube Homestead Hootenanny
  15. you suck at cooking
  16. Mark Fullers Backhoe Projects
  17. Jesse James Homestead
  18. Off Grid House on Tiny Wheels lol
  19. desertsun02
  20. NODR shark edition
  21. Converting a chain link fence to a concrete rock fence
  22. Troll style cooking
  23. This is interesting
  24. Not off grid that I know of but he keeps me interested...
  25. The King of Random
  26. FUNDAYS All Work, No Whine
  27. This young man never speaks a word in his videos but yet....'-)
  28. "TM Movies" YouTube Channel, Lot's of spoofs.
  29. How-to open gifts sent in mail (not Off Grid but you will 'SEE' '-)
  30. A humorous guy calling out some of the ebeggers on Youtube for their methods.
  31. Tim homeless Veteran Living in a Minivan and working full Time
  32. Crook & Nanny The Do it Yourself World Troy Reid
  33. Bus Conversion Justin Rhodes
  34. BigCliveDotCom
  35. Green Beetle breaks down YouTube earnings
  36. Roy Amberg
  37. Dedicated to Old Codge
  38. Appeared in my Suggested Viewing today
  39. Good weather guy
  40. Pecos Hank- Tornados and Snakes
  41. Woman and her feral cats
  42. Survival Russia
  43. Support the good people
  44. No donate button awsome
  45. Big Damn Band
  46. How too start a Jet engine
  47. L2Survive Uses real back to eden gardening
  48. This is how to do off grid!!
  49. Dipa Das
  50. The Strange Case of Sam Rogers and the Bees