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Q) Why was this .sucks site created?
A) Interested parties wanted to offer a fair platform (with integrity) to those who were silenced, banned and censored on Troys YouTube channel.

Q) The members of this site don’t seem worried about being known as “trolls”, why not?
A) Troy Reid and his 10 or so fanatic supporters label ANYONE who disagrees with Troy too many times a “troll”, the word troll has lost all real meaning on his channel.

Q) Why do you refer to Troy’s rented land as the Fairy Meadow?
A) Because what usually happens in the Fairy Meadow doesn’t seem to happen anywhere else on earth! Especially the Laws of Physic or Gravity. Thus the power behind those irregularities must be “Fairy” based. Or, Troy is simply a liar and his water tanks really DO freeze in winter!

Q) Why are you people so rude?
A: We don’t like seeing people get ripped off by a con artist (Troy).  We are consumer advocates. We also have a sense of humor, something Troy does not have.

Q) Why do you ask if Troy actually lives in The Tiny House on Wheels?
A) Because he claims to. Yet Troys zoning and code department states: “You cannot live in a dwelling under 800 square Feet.” So Troy LIES about living there to collect donations from viewers who support the off grid lifestyle!

Q) Troy showed his DD214, so why question his Veteran status?
A) He covered up the area where it states the reason for his discharge, anything less the “honorable” disqualifies him from Veteran status.

Q) Why are you convinced he’s bilking well meaning viewers out of cash donations?
A) Because both his channel and website have PayPal donation links.

Q) Why do you question Troy’s sanity?
A) He routinely claims to have seen Bigfoot, wolves, little green trolls that he claims attack people! He’s been seen shooting at them in the dark. Yes, with firearms. Shooting into the dark and around occupied campers.

Q) Do you feel shame in Troy labeling you a troll ?
A) No, when you understand what type of person Troy is, it becomes a badge of honor.

Q) Are you going to delete my posts if I do not agree with you?
A) No, we welcome all opinions and are always open to debate.

This .SUCKS exposes fraud & harassment from Troy Reid's The Do It Yourself World, The Off Grid Project & The Tiny House on Wheels company (989) 906-7839, (347) 755-1384