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Perhaps a JOB can help?

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Troy Nation by DiveCrewCanada

Those wild and crazy t-word “trolls” are preventing Troy Reid from effectively scamming all the cat ladies on the web!

And on that day, Troy Reid ascended the Mound of Garbage to earnestly entreat the Lord, for he had no dinar in his purse with which to feed his wife and child.

“I beseech thee Lord, for I need sustenance but I will not toil among the slaves, and my knee preventeth me from laboring in the homestead.”

And the Lord appeared unto Troy Reid and said, “take there a pallet of wood from among the multitude in your junkyard…no, not the blue ones you stole in the land of New York.”  And Troy found himself a goodly piece, full of worm holes and covered in mouse droppings.

And the Lord instructed Troy Reid, “Inscribe upon the pallet all the words of your 1000-miles-per-hour brain, and I will pay unto thee one shekel per comment.  Then distribute the pallets among the multitude to read, and I will further multiply thee one shekel for every view and comment from the people.”

And Troy was overjoyed and did grin from ear-to-ear, for he envisioned wealth beyond measure without doing honest sweat labor.  And he called his wife Melanie, who came dragging their child in a bassinet of plastic.  And Troy handed her the laser engraver and she did plug it into a wall socket, for they were not off-grid. And Troy instructed her to inscribe thereupon the pallet wood all the words of his fevered brain.  And Troy did fold his hands to nap, for it was well with him.

And when word spread among the town, there arose a cry and all the people did mock Troy Reid.  And one of the elders called out, “that was not the Lord, you fool!  That was the town jester, dressed in white raiment with powder upon his beard!”  And the multitude of the town pressed upon Troy Reid, and cried out as one, “GET A JOB, YOU BUM!”

But Troy repented not of his sloth and cried aloud, “leave me alone!”  And the townspeople called upon the congregation of .sucks, who published all the filthy deeds of Troy Reid near and far upon the internet. And Troy was sore vexed, for there were none that believed him.  And he did whine incessantly, even unto this day. Amen.

A reading from the Book of Joy

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posted by: In Memory of Joy

And it came to pass on that day in the land of Michigan, that Troy W. Reid, a man slouching in stature and grey of tooth, dwelt in the city of Lewiston.  And Troy was troubled greatly, for his Youtube income was dwindling and his Patreon supporters were abandoning him.  So upon that day Troy ascended the Mound of Garbage and earnestly sought The Lord.

And the whining and complaining of Troy reached the ears of The Lord, and The Lord cringed at the sound of his voice.  “Why hast thou sought Me, Troy?” The Lord inquired of him.

“Trolls have encompassed me round about and hampered my labors, for I have been tilling the garden since dawn, building a greenhouse, repairing small engines,  generating free energy from my Bedini device, and inventing a cooling system for computers,” Troy replied.

And the words of Troy were vexing unto The Lord, for he knew Troy was lying through his rotten teeth.  “It is I who have sent the trolls against thee O Troy, for thou art a despicable, cunning, lying vile creature.”

And Troy of Lewiston curled his lower lip into a pout and held his camo-covered bible aloft and said, “It is not my fault O Lord, for even the church brethren have become false accusers and come before the elders with charges of lying.”

And the anger of The Lord was kindled anew against Troy, and he declared, “As was written in the Book of .Sucks, GET A JOB YOU BUM!”

But Troy repented not of his deeds and attempted to delete all the words of The Lord.

As was spoken by the prophet Spork, The Lord sent 10 plagues, even 11 plagues did he send unto Troy W. Reid –  Plague of ticks;  Plague of mosquitoes;  Plague of lightning/wind;  Plague of bigfoots;  Plague of coyotes;  Plague of mice;  Plague of raccoons;  Plague of nightly vandals;  Plague of chipmunks;  Plague of wasps; and lastly but not leastly, Plague of Trolls.

And Troy persisted, proclaiming, “Have I not transported pedophiles across state lines in Your name?  Have I not bundshafted without fail every Wednesday?  Have I not rode minibikes through mud with teenage boys in Your name?

And The Lord relented not of his anger against Troy, and did multiply trolls and wasps against him, and many were directed to the .sucks website and were converted.  And the last days of Troy W. Reid were spent upon a park bench, as was spoken of by the prophet Danielle.


The Spirit is moving today…

A previous chapter from the Book of Joy:

And it came to pass in the year of our Lord 2016, that a blight was upon all the land of New York, even unto the town of Pine Bush, on account of one Troy Reid, a man gaunt and sickly, with a countenance like unto that of a ghoul.

And Troy did accumulate unto himself pallets and all manner of scrap wood, and weed whackers and tractors and automobiles and wood stoves and tires and all manner of broken, worthless junk, for it pleased Troy greatly to be wallowing in trash.  And the Lord saw all that Troy did, and did curse the ground, that it bear him no harvest and his garden did wither.

And Troy ventured unto the land of the Phillipines, and there he took unto himself a female slave called Mae, appearing as unto a wife.  And Troy knew her not.  And Troy did hire a laborer,  a man clothed in diapers, for it vexed Troy to do honest labor.

And in those days Troy did lie and scam upon all the viewers of Youtube for a space of five years.  And many were those who donated all manner of gifts unto Troy; tools and silver and labor.  And Troy thanked them not, for he was a man of great avarice and a narcissist, and the enemies of Troy multiplied in the land.

And Troy did trouble all the inhabitants of Pine Bush and the community of Youtube.  The townspeople of Pine Bush murmured among themselves, and entreated The Lord that He might drive Troy from their midst.

And the Lord heard their cries, and sent a calamity upon the homestead, and the landholder, one Marcia Wright, did evict Troy from the premises.  And Troy blamed the trolls, even unto Doc the elder did he blame.  So the Lord drove Troy out into the wilderness and he settled in the land of Michigan.  Here Troy pressed upon his mother and father, saying, “I pray thee, buy me this parcel of land that I might dwell therein, for my slave is with child and I refuse to pay for anything with the sweat of my brow.”  And the members of .sucks did jeer, for they knew Troy was a sluggard and had not repented of his filthy lying ways.

So Troy of Lewiston commenced in creating blight upon the land, in the same manner as Pine Bush.  And the Lord was wroth with Troy.  And Troy whined unto the Lord, saying, “Lord, have I not performed miracles in your name?  Have I not raised Sandra the lawyer out of her wheelchair?  Have I not brought TJ the pedophile to the brink of salvation?  Have I not reattached my ear and mended my broken rib?  Have I not chewed a plantain leaf and quelled the sting of yellowjackets?  Have I not multiplied subscribers as unto loaves and fishes?”

And the Lord replied, “Depart from me, for I never knew you.  And get a job, you bum.”

And all the men and women of .sucks cheered, and the Lord blessed their harvests and increased their numbers, for righteousness dwelled in the congregation of .sucks.


New post from Quiet Kate

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For the many guest viewers reading this forum: Reid is certainly plugged in ass-up on Planet Uranus by deeming himself a good guy indicating he regularly gets shafted. It takes an individual with ethical behavior and a proven track record of giving to to others, putting oneself last instead of Drama Queen Reid’s established constitution of self-adulation & spoiled child indulgences propounded by frequent temper tantrums regularly featured on DIYW videos. Reid is more renown as a deadbeat trying to emote sympathy from viewers to use the donation button after all, making YouTube videos forces Reid to extract himself away from the Delete Button on a sub-provided PC.  One can see Reid not only gives free reign to Fixed by Dork to attempt shafting Fixed by Doc Homesteading but Reid is busy greasing it with abdication of fact regarding the “legal system” as it as been Reid’s mission in life to circumvent it and is frustrated when his juvenile schemes backfire sending that well used shaft now with Reid’s initials engraved on it back up his Every Day Carry prepper rectum.

Second, since Fixed by Dork brought it up:  Addie terminates the free ranging chickens/roosters.  Her technique is that of total respect for the bird, quick & as free of pain as possible. Unlike aberrant Reid who regularly tortures his live birds;never had enough feed & remains rather stingy with clean water & infamous for poultry confined in limited space on half-ass Reid built tractors–with destitute hens several inch deep in their own feces. Fixed by Dork seems to have a fixation about telling tall tales about Doc & Addie and the fine folks right here at .Sucks, Reid enjoys giving Dork a pulpit to preach to vacated pews at the downward spiral of The Do It Yourself World with a rotting palletwood platform attempting sophomoric & petty one–upmanship aspersions. It is also evident reading this forum is a magnificent obsession. It is obvious that The Do It Yourself World & associated Reid concocted channels can not stand on their own merit and sadly with the brain power of Troy Reid he’ll never figure out what merit means nor overcoming foibles to gain integrity and self-worth. The exorbitant sense of entitlement Troy possesses is the equivalent to shooting himself in the foot daily.  Reid sold dignity away a long time ago by purchasing subs & fabricating villains for personal gain. Even though there may be members here who had disputes with Ryan, one can say what you see is what you got, and he does tell the truth. Truth is something The Do It Yourself World purges from every video.

Third, Fixed by Dork may be an Alt for Reid as many DIYW subs/commenters are in actuality the limp-limbed brown front-toothed uneducated and, it shows, unemployed Tuscola Area Skill Center special education wonder.  Not to limit the scope of Reid’s magnetic attraction to deviant personalties, it is possible Fixed by Dork is a former Wednesday night bump in the night Fond Feel Fellowship Bible Buddy. Perhaps once inflamed with jealousy over Troy & Trucker Buck’s leather hat relationship as well as a common interest in harming themselves foolishly attempting woodland survival skills either by knife or ax blade to parts of the hand & mutual comfort calls to Reid’s advanced-years mommy asking how to apply a band-aid.

Fourth, Fix by Dork’s hard on for Ryan can be construed as an act of homage. Fix By Doc Homesteading has been off of YouTube for well over a year. Dork’s attempt to discredit and disparage the efficient functioning legal off-the-gird Fixed By Doc Homestead which is free & clear of financial encumbrances by smart planning. Dork’s attempts to provocate a response from Ryan and other members of .Sucks to generate comments is the equivalent of pissing-up-a-rope.

It brings attention to Reid’s actual few live viewers to inquire via an internet search to find  It seems simple-minded Fix By Dork acts of incontinence not only concern the malfunction of the bladder by urinating down his own leg pooling perhaps in cheap canvas slip-on footwear, but in piss-poor whiney comments to do detriment to Ryan promotes Fixed by Doc Homesteading channel as the standard of success.  Unlike the next featured failure Troy Reid espouses with tall tales of truck vandals & sending himself toys such as a cheap quad copter and tarpaulins to cover a leaky old $30 pop-up camper in dire need of repair.

It must make Reid mad as hell knowing viewers respect Ryan’s dedication to wounded warriors and excellent survival skills by actually demonstrating same on his videos hiking the Appalachian Trail. Troy Reid could/would never attempt this physical challenge as it would mean separation from a used sofa in an old mold & mildew tastelessly decorated trailer purchased by his mommy as his lame attempt living in NY as a CAI Cult Missionary failed all around. Mostly inadequate alternative energy, gardening & illegal unsafe dwelling in a poorly constructed off gassing wood tar-papered shack on blocks without a drop of potable water or certified waste management system and failure to help folks get off the grid for $5k, Reid never accomplished that feat.  Fixed by Dork’s petty comments highlight a lack-luster & supremely incompetent Troy Reid who in reality cries in the the spotlight acknowledging everyone knows he fabricates, is consumed with avarice, and regularly sh*ts in his own hat before putting it on to wear on video at Jackass Acres. 

Manufactured Drama on the Homestead

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Mr. Prepper/Survivor has SECURITY?  Apparently not enough to suppress the exploits of a motor oil madness fiend with sandy hands.  My goodness, are we going to witness at The Do It Yourself World a crack crime team of Troy, Nancy Smith & Fixed by Dork to solve this fabricated truck attack at 4489 Pine Road?  Troy being a native son of Michigan and having already introduced himself & YT celebrity to the guys down at Albert Township PD & Cemetery Interment Squad will they leap at the chance to foil the next fabricated attempt at Jackass Acres. What shall it be? A dastardly attack on the compost pile or perhaps a stolen pallet gets stolen… my gosh could the fiend abscond with a pair of Melly’s maternity underwear plucked from the clothesline taking the pins too!  The Reid orchestrated drama is too much for ordinary beings to endure or believe. Oh the humanity Nancy Smith accuses random folks with malice of aforethought to drive up to remote Michigan over to sparsely populated Montmorency County to dump a US Quart of oil in an overflow reservoir under the hood of a 20+ year old Dodge truck (why wasn’t it locked) sight unseen in Lewiston, where every one knows everybody.  Could the villain be Troy himself to get more attention than pregnant Melly-Belly?  How about helpful neighbor Grandpa Dave? Was he hobbling down dusty Pine Road with an empty quart of Quaker State? The Baptist preacher could have done the deed thinking he was baptizing the show truck to remain a faithful Christian motor vehicle and save it from forever evil CAI cult practitioner Troy and his less than honorable practices of nocturnal acquisitions.  The possibilities are endless when Drama Queen Troy is involved. 

Quiet Kate

A post by Quiet Kate

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Reid easily depleted the meager Google compensation. Isn’t it odd Mr. Prepper/Survivor lives paycheck to paycheck? Where’s the nest egg for the Income Retirement Account?  Nearing age 49 leaving sparse time to build up adequate old age funds. Troy knows there is no remote chance of a pension from Christian Assemblies International for being a failed NY Cult Missionary. Where’s the savings for emergency repairs or college fund for precious MTR? Surely Reid has taken a look in a mirror, seen family photos & knows full well the price of essential orthodontics & resultant braces for MTR, evidenced further by Reid family history inherited trait of bad teeth.  Will Reid continue to be a selfish scumbag, condemning a child to start life with another unnecessary burden to overcome? Living in a dumpy not off the grid rotting old rodent infested trailer is bad enough.  Besides what if the actual human YT viewers smarten up?  Abandon & ignore to support Reid’s booster t-shirt campaigns?  What if uninspired, ugly & cheaply made Recycled Pallet Products continue on its downward spiral and no one ever purchases ugly coffee coasters & dangerous tea lights? Reid gardens fail, old neglected cars break down, municipal authorities presenting property tax bills don’t care if YouTube is a good make-believe job, either you pay assessed taxes, fines & fees or Albert Township will obtain a tax lien and it’s good-by Jack Ass Acres. Mr. Self-Anoited preacher of preparedness is continuing to bat ZERO, ignoring the sands of time are streaming down the glass & mommy & daddy won’t live forever, even more they may not be able work forever to provide for Troy & his unnecessary species propagation too.

A used pop-up & needs a lot of repair $30 camper? Melanie may want vacations at hotels, not campsites. The burden of offspring(s) to care for in addition to doing all the heavy work it takes to prepare, load, travel, unload, set up (use disgusting latrines) pack-up, load drive home, to unload, clean, repair = all work no vacation.  She knows emotionally unstable, limp-limbed, rapidly aging, & demonstratively feeble-brained TR will NEVER take on that kind responsibility nor be held accountable to have sufficient funds to travel.  He has for years broadcast to the digital world with access to an internet service provider the only mission and #1 agenda item is to make videos of HIS daily life and nothing is more important & personally essential; end of story. The actual physical labor of pop-up camper excursions is her encumbrance to endure if only to get a change of scenery or permanently stay at Jack Ass Acres like a prisoner & sweat shop laborer as her name is on the warranty deed too. Newsflash to Felony that deed status could change too.  Most subservient CAI Cult females would be disappointed too with a lousy pop-up used camper in need of repair.  Life with Reid is predictable, intellectually vacant, existing in squalor with a deadbeat who hasn’t grown up with absolutely no prospect for a pleasant life in the future.  Unless, he makes the move into Albert Township’s busiest locale.

A Poem for .SUCKS

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Now that the video fun is done…

Ode To The Fairy Meadow Thespian
by Quiet Kate

Troy Reid films live at the Off Grid Camper in April 2013
Canning Maple Syrup in pots that don’t quite gleam
Chiding devout fellow preppers to develop a plan
To have a get away bag ready just in case shit hits the fan

Promoting this notion an errant thought enters
To sell the brew to those rabid–err avid fans he mentors
Troy remembers my sap is free—so it shall be best
to acquire only the bare basics and just wing the rest

In 2015 an inept fool drenched in pouring down rain
Wonders why this life is such an extreme strain
His method of sap containment is plagued by ants
He needs to eat lunch than deal with pestilence

Exposure to the elements fills him with dread
Seeing the need to finally build a sugar shack shed
Thoughts of cash in his mind begin to reason
It will be smart to be prepared for next maple season

The sugar shack shed is still not around
It’s the lure of the keyboard is where Troy will be found
Temptation of the flesh leads him astray
With the promise of a child bride living damn far away

Leap Year is featured in February 2016
The need for a pallet shed is still pretty keen
It’s close to dusk can he accomplish a build in one night
With the adjustable beams from a complimentary BioLite?

Swinging from rafters with traces of rot
In the dark Troy realizes he’s not alone in the lot
Illumination from a LED light would sure fit the bill tonight
But it’s scheduled for someone on e-Bay in a box on a DHL flight

Troy really needs to get on the ball
Or this boiler won’t be contained within genuine pallet wood walls
And now another eye sore sits on the ground
Covered with perforated tarpaulin hastily stapled down

A boiler, smoker and a few tools will be kept in that shack
And rodents leaving a special delivery of turds so black
Troy walks in the forest his eyes froze in a gaze
The boiler has set his precious Fairy Meadow ablaze

-Quiet Kate

Our use of the word “scam”

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First – Time for a little fun…

Now time for a little truth…

Troy Reid cannot legally live in his “Tiny House on Wheels” or his camper or his RV or any other structure – on that land – that isn’t at least 800 square feet. Those aren’t MY rules, those are the zoning regulations for the township of Shawangunk, New York. A residence in that township must be the minimum size (800sqft) to be occupied! When asked about this specific township zoning ordinance on his YouTube channel (The Do It Yourself World)… he will flatly ignore you, delete your comment and probably block/ban you if you persist. Censorship in furtherance of fraud

Troy simply ignored the law…

Why is this even an issue? Who cares if Troy really lives there? Why are you calling it an off grid SCAM??

According to Troy Reid he does live in one or more of these off grid structures. Below is a screenshot from his website (The Off Grid Project) explaining how you too can live off the grid for just $5,000! He will show you! He also talks about how he had come to move into these structures after losing his job and apartment in 2013.


Note: the “job” Troy says he “lost”, was in reality, the closure of his own web-design company.

Now its established, Troy cannot live in any of his structures legally! Not in Shawangunk, NY he can’t. But thats not what he tells his viewers. The sins of omission! Troy keeps the viewer believing he lives in The Tiny House on Wheels… this is exactly the romantic, self-sufficient portrayal Troy wishes to project to them. Yes gentle reader, this man is courting donations for his company while proclaiming self-sufficiency. He installed a shower, cook top w/ propane tanks, sinks, water pipes, wood stove… All to allow the viewer to continue under the false premise that he lives there! Troy believes building codes do not apply to his tar paper shack, so everything has been installed without standards. Troy has no access to power lines, no sewage/septic, no well. His sewage runs out of a pipe, in the side of the shack, and onto the ground.

Troy Reid: “YouTube is my business, The Do It Yourself World is my company”

The majority of Troys donations come from elderly, disabled and/or just good natured, but gullible, folks. Generally folks on fixed incomes who take what Troy says at face value… without looking critically at his contradictions, willful ignorance and his outright dangerous building and “survival” practices! All this without Troy answering any probing, but legitimate questions (accountability). One person sent him $1000 for a battery bank that Troy has since destroyed, due to his own incompetence. Troy has an impossible time accepting good advice on anything, especially that which he considers himself expert. Which covers just about all subjects.


We want Troy and his company to stop taking donations! Stop taking advantage of people, stop making videos crying about a lack of funds for his basic needs, and for his off grid project. We’d like Troy to GET A JOB and run his off grid project during his time off from work!! There is no reason for Troy not to be working like every other able bodied individual! There is honor in work, honor with which Troy has seemed to have lost touch with. His making a daily 20 minute video on YouTube should not be license to joblessly fleece others.

Best for last -or- always leave them wanting more

The zinger in this entire story is that Troy traveled to 5 different countries, on vacation, in 2015!! Ok, one of them was Canada (nearby). But the remaining 4 were India, Australia, Ireland and the Philippines! Does this sound like someone who should ask for donations? I’d like you to enter the forum and take a look at the criticism generated in just two weeks, criticism against Troy Reids company! Currently 90+ calm and well thought-out individuals have written nearly 4,000 forum posts in those two weeks… Subject? Troy Reid and his off grid scam!

Thank you for your kind attention, Sassy

dot sucks protest

Next article: Troy Reid’s environmental impact on the land, and the wetlands!

Next, next article: Troy Reids’ Philippine mail order bride – that he wants other people to pay for!