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A couple years ago I started watching Troy Reid on his DIY World – Off Grid Project with the intention of examining a hands-on solar build.  In the process, I stumbled into a maelstrom of miscreancy and mayhem, a veritable treadmill of dumassedness and disaster.

Mr. Reid has shown himself to be a useless internet beggar whose competency with the subject he considers himself an expert is dwarfed only by his incompetence at life in general. He has frivolously wasted an enormous amount of money and goodwill over the years, all the while continuing to HEAVILY document the ongoing inadequacies of his solar system.  He has been unable to make a watt with either of the two windmills he has been gifted which is damning enough on its own but when juxtaposed against a backdrop of the windiest meadow in North America really adds a floss of incompetent gooberosity to the whole ordeal.

Perhaps because Mr. Reid had so thoroughly plumbed the depths of incompetent Tiny Home construction and off-grid living he decided it would be a good idea to shift the focus of his videos to his relationship with the Holy Spirit, not to,mention nubile young girls in the Phillipines.  He has recently shown his inability to bug-out of even his own driveway, yet he somehow found the time, money and motivation to travel half way around the world in search of a girl who hadn’t heard of him and was (hopefully) too naive to pick up on his brazen line of shit.  Of course it wouldn’t be any of our business were it not for the fact that he is soliciting funds to get his foreign mail order bride relocated “home” to Troy’s Tiny Tar Paper Palace.  It’s located somewhere in New York in a patch of trees behind a local shopping mall if my sources are accurate.

As if his interpersonal relationships with potential mates isn’t creepy enough, there is the religious cult angle wherein he is the high priest of some CAI group best known for their rampant homosexual tendencies.

I expect many in this forum originally thought that they’d learn something about solar or Tiny Home off-grid living too. What we learned was that Troy Reid is at best an incompetent weirdo with a child bride fetish and at worst a full scale religious conman out to fleece the unwary.

These are the subjects to which we invite new members to engage in.


Welcome aboard the crazy train.


Tim Fuller