A Poem for .SUCKS

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Now that the video fun is done…

Ode To The Fairy Meadow Thespian
by Quiet Kate

Troy Reid films live at the Off Grid Camper in April 2013
Canning Maple Syrup in pots that don’t quite gleam
Chiding devout fellow preppers to develop a plan
To have a get away bag ready just in case shit hits the fan

Promoting this notion an errant thought enters
To sell the brew to those rabid–err avid fans he mentors
Troy remembers my sap is free—so it shall be best
to acquire only the bare basics and just wing the rest

In 2015 an inept fool drenched in pouring down rain
Wonders why this life is such an extreme strain
His method of sap containment is plagued by ants
He needs to eat lunch than deal with pestilence

Exposure to the elements fills him with dread
Seeing the need to finally build a sugar shack shed
Thoughts of cash in his mind begin to reason
It will be smart to be prepared for next maple season

The sugar shack shed is still not around
It’s the lure of the keyboard is where Troy will be found
Temptation of the flesh leads him astray
With the promise of a child bride living damn far away

Leap Year is featured in February 2016
The need for a pallet shed is still pretty keen
It’s close to dusk can he accomplish a build in one night
With the adjustable beams from a complimentary BioLite?

Swinging from rafters with traces of rot
In the dark Troy realizes he’s not alone in the lot
Illumination from a LED light would sure fit the bill tonight
But it’s scheduled for someone on e-Bay in a box on a DHL flight

Troy really needs to get on the ball
Or this boiler won’t be contained within genuine pallet wood walls
And now another eye sore sits on the ground
Covered with perforated tarpaulin hastily stapled down

A boiler, smoker and a few tools will be kept in that shack
And rodents leaving a special delivery of turds so black
Troy walks in the forest his eyes froze in a gaze
The boiler has set his precious Fairy Meadow ablaze

-Quiet Kate

4 thoughts on “A Poem for .SUCKS”

  1. Ode To The Fairy Meadow Thespian
    by Quiet Kate
    Belly laughs…giggles and silly smiles.
    You may be blocked but here you are free to expound.
    Just perfect!
    Thanks for that!

    1. You know what the REAL SCAM is? The Christian churches, pastors, and other Christian organizations who take DONATIONS from elderly, disabled, low or fixed income and (obviously) GULLIBLE morons. Funny how these pastors live in MANSIONS while their gullible followers support them.

      Who gives a flying FUCK about this guy Troy? Obviously you assholes have NO LIFE, if you’ve gone through the trouble of setting up an entire website bashing the guy. You’re obviously either an ex girlfriend with serious psychological issues, or are just plain fucking jealous that you’re stuck with a mortgage for a house you can’t afford.

  2. ah’s gonna fuck yer asses wif a double barreled shotgun, as enny fool kin plainly see. Guessin’ yo’d like thet.

    Yo’ varmints is so fucked in th’ haid it’s kinda funny.

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