Off Grid YouTube Creep

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Imagine a person on YouTube – who promotes his company as off grid technical experts, solar power and wind consultants. This company competes by sending waves of internet trolls (mostly elderly) against your channel because you corrected a piece of his false information! Meet Troy Reid…and his company The Do It Yourself World. One major problem with Troy’s company is that it makes no money!! Troy requests that viewers and successful companies donate money and free products to his derelict compound…which is more like a junkyard. In exchange for these donations he offers his survival, technical and off grid “expertise” via his YouTube videos.
creepy troy reid
Troy lives inside a tar paper shack (The Tiny House on Wheels), in the middle of a tick infested meadow in upstate New York. He has no source of water, sewage or electricity. He also has no certificate of occupancy from the township to dwell there. Troy will neither confirm nor deny that he actually lives in his shack. If he declares he lives there, the authorities will visit him. If he denies living there, his donations will suffer. His donations come from unwise, fixed-income elderly that watch his videos. They donate to Troy because he supposedly lives in his shack. No living in his shack = no free cash. Troy portrays himself a romantic hero, quite a joke. Those foolish enough not to recognize his scam send him money and food from their pantry.

The scary part of Troy’s farce comedy occurs when his troll “army” of fools begin howling for yet another YouTuber’s blood. Perhaps because said YouTuber honestly questioned their video messiahs’ competency, intentions or integrity. Troy and his gang shut down all dissenting opinion through verbal abuse carried out on his channel. One or two comments not praising Troy or his work, will get you blocked. Needless to say, free speech is the farthest thing from Troy’s mind. It all starts off rather humorous, as you might imagine. Serious sets-in soon afterwards; as they’ve gotten decent people’s YouTube channels shut down for making videos critical of Troy’s internet business. They’ve gotten some folks actually fired from their jobs. Throughout all this Troy Reid plays the victim and injured party. Maximum sympathy for Troy brings in larger donations. Productive strategy indeed. In the end, it’s all about not getting a job and working for a living…rather simple.
troy is going to touch you
It gets more pathetic, and funny, when you realize that Troy Reid is also in the Christian Assemblies International cult (CAI). But…this is really only an introduction to the foulness and silliness that is The Do It Yourself World & The Off Grid Project & The Tiny House on Wheels. Head into the discussion forums and be entertained and informed! Because, as repugnant as Troy and his behavior are…the astounding buffoonery and incompetence will make you laugh!